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Whether it's gasoline gift cards, retail gift cards, egift cards, award codes, gift card promotions, bulk gift card needs, gift card management services or gift card fulfillment services you're interested in, SVM can accommodate your needs. Learn more below and contact your SVM account representative to start motivating.



Plastic – The most common gift card product resembles a credit card in size and function.

Digital – Electronic gift codes can be delivered via email, sent to mobile phones, or printed on promotional materials.



Individual Delivery – We handle fulfillment of your cards to each individual recipient and can include customized letters. Contact your SVM rep to learn how to use our expert fulfillment team.

Bulk Delivery – All of your gift cards or codes are delivered to you, in one place, so you may manage their distribution.



Inactive Gasoline Cards – Is your call-to-action as powerful as it could be? Now there’s a way to make your direct marketing campaigns more impactful. Send an inactive gift card to your target audience, ask them to contact you and, in return, the gift card in their hand will be activated.

Reloadable Gasoline Cards – Give a gift card that keeps giving! Reloadable gasoline cards are perfect for employee rewards and wellness programs, or customer service and loyalty promotions. Choose the amount and which cards to reload at any time.

Gasoline Award Codes – SVM offers all the major gasoline brands as an award code that can be sent to an email address, mobile phone or printed in a direct mail piece. The recipient is directed to a website and can choose their preferred brand, such as ARCO, ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Texaco, Sunoco, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, Gulf, Circle K and Speedway.

Chevron promo cardGasoline Promotional and Reward Cards – Highly impactful and designed for promotional programs, reward cards function like gift cards to the end-user. Flexible expiration dates and unique pricing models allow greater control of your program. Co-branding and customization options allow you to elevate your loyalty, employee incentive, event giveaway or customer promotions and stand apart from your competition.