SVM Gift Card Return and Exchange Policy

Exchanges are defined as cards sent back to SVM that are to be exchanged for another brand or denomination.  Please note there is a 15% exchange fee plus a shipping charge to ship the replacement.  The 15% exchange fee and return shipping charges will be deducted from the value returned.  You may elect to include a check or money order to cover the 15% fee and shipping charges, rather than deduct it from the card value. Replacement cards will be shipped to the purchaser equivalent to the face value of the cards exchanged with adjustments for the price differential.

Returns are defined as cards that have not been used by the purchaser and the purchaser is requesting a refund.  Refund checks or a credit on credit card will be issued for the purchase price of the returned cards only, less the 15% return fee.


SVM Exchange/Return Policy:

  • All exchanges must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales order or invoice, and cards must be in sequential order.  Cards not in order are subject to an additional fee.
  • Cards must have full value, be unmarked, clean, and in original condition.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs on exchanges and returns.
  • Special order or non-standard product may not be returned - see Special Order Consignment Policy, below.
  • The standard return/exchange fee is 15%.
  • Due to extra costs associated with Shell, returns and exchanges incur an additional 5% fee added to standard fee.
  • Please note: Product exchanged or returned due to an error by SVM will be replaced at no cost, including shipping costs.

For All Exchanges and Returns, please provide the following:

  • Company name and customer number or customer name.
  • Check or money order for replacement fee and shipping, should you elect not to have the fees taken from the value of the replacement card(s).
  • Cards must be in sequential order and in original condition. Cards not in order are subject to an additional fee.


SVM’s Right to Refuse Return Requests:

SVM reserves the right to refuse a gift card return request.  SVM will make every effort to satisfy customer requests for returns as stated throughout this policy. However, in select situations as determined by SVM management, SVM reserves the right to decline a return request.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read the terms and conditions carefully on the back of your gift cards as they are different for each retailer and may impact your ability to return the gift cards.

Special Order Consignment Policy:

Special order product may not be returned or exchanged.  As a service to our customers, SVM will assist with re-selling product that is not eligible to be returned.  However, SVM will take back on consignment cards that have full value and will re-market the cards on our customer's behalf.  If SVM is able to successfully sell the cards, the customer will receive back the amount SVM was able to recoup, less 15% service fee. SVM places no guarantee on its ability to resell consignment product and assumes no liability should cards not be sold.